JazBah® originated in May 1994 at the Tatty Bogle Klub parallel to Carnaby Street in London’s West End.

Attracting a wide cross section of people from different backgrounds, JazBah® pioneered the easy night out, from living room to living room, the mandate.

Packed, hot and unbelievable nights followed, DJs on the edge, fusing Acid Jazz, Funk, Rare Grooves and other Eclectic musical genres, the event quickly achieved underground and cult status. Growing steadily over the months, JazBah® moved to Leicester Square, London’s Film Premier Capital and launched at the ‘Square Rooms’.

Travelling into Scandinavia courtesy of American Classics and the South Coast of England, JazBah® was invited to join Bump n’ Hustle, purveyors and deliverers of cutting edge music featuring top DJs like Jon Coomer, Simon Dunmore, Bob Povey, Seamus Haji, Bob Masters and Trevor Nelson (MTV) and Aitch B (Soul II Soul).

Bump n’ Hustle ran monthly and attracted over 700 people divided into three rooms, House & Garage, R n’ B and JazBah® each event awe inspiring visuals and music you could taste.

The main feature of Bump n’ Hustle was the beach in Bournemouth first thing in the morning!!

The expansion of JazBah® during 1995 – 1998 collided with what was described as Cool Britannia, London, clearly awash with people packing the streets of Theatreland, Soho and the West End, with groups flying over from Europe and America to join the family known simply as JazBah®.

The soundtrack of this time being Cyprus Hill, Jamiroquai, Naughty by Nature, Brand New Heavies, Wall of Sound, Eight-Ball Records, Nervous Records NY, Mr. Scruff and Ninja Tunes.

Known in over 60 countries world-wide by way of www and internet, television, magazines and other forms of electronic and tangible media JazBah® between 1995 – 1999 was voted in the top 15 Clubs in the United Kingdom by the readers of the internationally revered and renown bi-monthly music Magazine Blues and Soul which incidentally is older than many of us!!

In early 1999, JazBah® moved underground again and continued at the Milk Bar off Charring Cross Road, once famously inhabited by cutting edge DJ Nicky Holloway.

The Milk Bar, now renamed The Project enjoyed packed nights right from the start with people stomping round London to find it which was obviously part of the excitement.

Since then, JazBah® has remained underground with its unique collection of DJ’s operating under the JazBah® name at different venues in the United Kingdom and world-wide.

JazBah® now returns to London and sets a new course.

Come; join us now, for the musical journey of your life.

The JazBah® Family.